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Banking Platform - Architecture

Our platform utilizes one of the most established and powerful banking system architectures in the market, with more than 20 years of development and seven hundred thousand development hours powering a complete front-mid-bank end service delivery system. This gives us an unique advantage in being able to use technology to disrupt traditional processes and to establish innovative linkages across different financial segments (for example, crypto to cards) and therefore establish market leader status.

Aggressive application and acquisition of licenses. In order to fortify the ecosystem and enhance the control as well as delivery of various classes of products and services, we are in the process of applying for or acquiring licenses such as digital banking, investment management and asset management, and payment services provision. The next phase afterwards would involve acquiring licenses in provision of trust services and securities activities; and perform strategic endeavors to maximize global footprint.

Advanced technology User Interface that provides powerful yet intuitive financial tools to users, while maximizing user experience. At launch, we designed and built from the ground-up an on-boarding experience available for multiple platforms. We leverage best-in class software architecture financial data to create easy-to-understand processes, while continuously optimizing platform functions and reliability for users across different countries, for the penultimate goal of maximizing user experience and pleasure, where this is disregarded by most competitors.

About Us

Our founding team members are all global finance and tech veterans with decades of accumulated experience in technology, investment banking, wealth management and bank operations. Utilizing this experience, the team aims to deliver an ecosystem of best-in-class financial services to both mature and early-stage customers.

We aspire to be the leader in providing one-stop financial technology for a newly empowered generation of users to access global markets. We empower retail users in both developed and under-served countries to build their global portfolios via our proprietary platform (“Fintech4X”) whilst maximizing inter-operability and inter-connectivity between traditional finance providers and Web 3.0 platforms, and continuously developing new technologies to be the standard bearer in the 4.0 environment.



Advanced Technology

Advanced financial technology company that provides fully digitized point to point banking services designed with high scalability for international markets.

Our Ecosystem

Deliver best-in-class financial technology built on a scalable & reliable infrastructure to provide premium user experience. Our R&D team has accumulated experience in leading technology platforms, devoting more than 700,000 hours to build a complete banking services platform.

Global Strategy

Starting with the UAE, we aim to scale our product offerings to international markets with active and under-served users, especially in the frontier market countries.

Interoperable Convertibility

Our proprietary protocol creates a fully digital experience that disrupts traditional wet ink and physical verifications, bridging different countries and different financial systems while maintaining full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Corporate Services

Offer a suite of financial banking services to corporate and institutional customers, for example clearing of e-commerce transactions and banking clearing and settlement services across different countries and currency/crypto pools.

Customer Pleasure

We transform complex financial processes into visually compelling and easily digestible steps and functions. Rather than aiming for best-in-class customer experience, we aim for best-in-class customer pleasure.

Terms and Conditions


  • These General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relationship between You as an individual or legal entity (User“ „You“ or „you“) and the company FINTECH4X LTD ("Service Provider") who is the provider of services under the business name FINTECH4X LTD (We“„Us“ or „Our“).
  • These General Terms and Conditions together with the User Agreement constitute a framework agreement on provision of our services which defines these Terms and Conditions.

The User Agreement forms an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions and also governs the legal relationship between You and Us. The User Agreement collectively with these General Terms and Conditions hereinafter also as the “Terms”.

FINTECH4X LTD is not a Bank and not a financial service for the public. All FINTECH4X LTD information and services within this website is for demostration and training purposes only. This Site, as well as the websites of our affiliates and subsidiaries, are currently being provided free-of-charge to you. The terms "you", "your", and "yours" refer to the customer/purchaser utilizing our Site(s).

The terms "FINTECH4X LTD.net", "we", "us", and "our" refer to FINTECH4X LTD.net, and its affiliates, and subsidiaries. We reserve the right to change the nature of this relationship at any time and to revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time as we see fit. If you violate the terms of this Agreement you will have your access canceled and you may be permanently banned from using the Site and any interactive services.

You should check these terms and conditions periodically. By using the Site after we post changes to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to accept those changes, whether or not you actually reviewed them.

Entering the Site will constitute your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to abide by these terms, please do not enter this Site. By entering into these Terms You confirm:

A. that prior to entering into these Terms , we have provided You online on Our website www.Fintech4x.com with these General Terms and Conditions;

  • Costs and fees according to accepted Termes and Conditions, and
  • Signed User Agreements

B. that You have carefully read and fully understood these General Terms and Conditions with the fees and costs at our User Agreement to confirm the validity of Your personal and other information provided to Us by You with these Terms; C. Your User Agreement according to which FINTECH4X LTD is entitled to provide Services to You according to these Terms. D. that You have provided Us with correct documents, and data that We will reasonably require from You to comply with Our legal obligations.

  • By entering these Terms, You agree that You have provided Us with valid KYC, AML and AC information to become an account holder. You agree to notify Us immediately if you change your data. You agree and acknowledge that You are responsible for any possible damage or loss that can arise from any invalid, incorrect or improper data.
  • The User agrees, to indemnify and hold harmless Service Provider and our subsidiaries or affiliates under its control, and their owners, directors, officers, employees and agents, against any and all losses, liabilities, judgments, awards and costs (including legal fees and expenses) arising out of or related to any claim from You, or any of your third parties.
  • The User agrees, to indemnify and hold harmless the other party and its subsidiaries or affiliates under its control, and their owners, directors, officers, employees and agents, against any and all losses, liabilities, judgments, awards and costs (including legal fees and expenses) arising out of or related to any delay to make payments, transfers, or blocking of funds, because of investigation regarding money laundering or investigation regarding terror related funding of any kind, started and done by any of the Parties Banks, Central Banks or related Financial institution.
  • These Terms – the framework agreement on provision of services – are entered into in English language. We will communicate with You and provide You with contractual conditions and other information in English, unless agreed otherwise, by contacting us via e-mail address, info@fintech4x.com via telephone or our WhatsApp service.
  • You hereby express Your consent to receive all notifications sent by Us in relation to our Services in electronic form. We shall send all notifications by secure message or by your registered e-mail address.
  • You are responsible for accessing our site on a regular basis and for regular control of Your messages, Our website and Your main e-mail address and opening and viewing notifications, which We will send through these channels. You shall review all messages related to our Services and ask any questions, report any revealed mistakes or unauthorized actions.
  • We may contact You from time to time to notify of any changes or disclose information related to Your User Agreement. You shall be responsible for carrying out regular checks of Your messages and keeping all Your contact details stored in Your profile up to date. Subject to these Terms, you may contact us via e-mail address: info@Fintech4x.com
  • We will provide You with information about our Services within regular intervals.
  • You are authorized to request from Us that We provide You with the content of these Terms and other information if required by you.
  • Our business name is FINTECH4X LTD, with our registered office at: 52A Spring Grove Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 4BN, United Kingdom
  • The main object of Our business activity is provision of banking services and Investment partnerships. We are authorized to provide investment services through our company and through external partners with FCA licenses.
  • If You are entering into these Terms as a consumer, i.e. as an individual outside his/her trade, business or profession, please pay special attention also to the following information.
  • As these Terms are entered into online through Our website: https://Fintech4x.com, i.e. through a means of distance communication, these Terms qualify as a services agreement.
  • As a consumer, You are authorized to unilaterally withdraw from these Terms within 14 days after entering into these Terms. You are not obliged to state any reason for such withdrawal and We may not impose You any sanctions in connection with Your withdrawal.
  • If You wish to withdraw from these Terms, You must send us the notice of withdrawal in writing to the address of Our registered office. If You exercise Your right to withdraw from these Terms, the time limit for withdrawal is considered to have been observed if You dispatch the notice of withdrawal to Us within the designated time limit.
  • If You withdraw from these Terms, We may require immediate payment of fees and charges payable to Us hereunder for the services We have provided You until Your withdrawal has occurred.
  • If You do not withdraw from these Terms, Your right to withdraw from these Terms will expire after lapse of the 14-day period. After that, You may unilaterally terminate these Terms only pursuant to (Amendments to These Terms) or (Termination).
  • We take European law as the basis for the establishment of legal relations with You.
  • As a services provider, We have implemented a system for handling complaints from the customers. You can file a complaint concerning our services directly to Us in writing to our registered office, or via our e-mail. We will handle Your complaint in compliance with Our rules for handling complaints published on Our website.
  • The information provided in these Terms are valid until an updated wording of these Terms has been adopted by Us and published on Our website.
  • The contractual relations between the Service Provider and User under these Terms shall become effective when We have verified the required evidence documents (User Agreement) from You and We confirm to You that We agree with entering into these Terms with You.
  • T The agreement between You and Us under these Terms is for an indefinite term.
  • T Service Provider shall perform the User due diligence as required by applicable law and/or internal procedures established by Service Provider. Service Provider is entitled to request information (including but not limited to documents) from the User in order to perform the User due diligence under the applicable law and/or internal procedures established by Service Provider and the User undertakes to provide the requested information in the form and within the time period indicated by Service Provider.
  • T If the User does not fulfil obligations provided for and/or result of the User due diligence performed is not satisfactory to Service Provider and/or does not comply with applicable law, Service Provider may refuse to establish business relationship and refuse to enter into these Terms with the User.
  • You hereby consent to collaborate with Us in all events about KYC, AML and AC when We or any third service provider is obligated under relevant laws to check or verify your identity or the identity of any other users of our service and validate your clients information. Such requests/ applications may include a request to disclose more detailed information to Service Provider for adequate identification of you or any other clients or users, including the verification of your information in the third party‘s databases or any other sources. To enable you to use all available functions, Service Provider may request that Users provide any additional information.
  • We reserve the right to block, suspend or limit your access to our services if We fail to obtain or verify such additional information.
  • Provided compliance with confidentiality obligations, We may verify both information disclosed by You and information related to You obtained from Our search or provided by the third parties from any non-public databases. By consenting to these Terms, you agree that We or any authorized third party may carry out such verification.
  • We shall ensure that all data in your files are always exact and valid. If We suspect that your data are outdated or incomplete, We are entitled to contact You and request that You pass verification one more time.
  • As a User here under You shall be liable for Your actions and omissions. You shall be also liable for all obligations, liabilities or any other responsibilities related to Service Provider, users or the third party due to the breach of these Terms by the reason of using our Services. We agree that You shall indemnify Service Provider, users or the third party for all liabilities as provided by law.
  • You shall be responsible for Your understanding and compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations within Your specific jurisdictions, which are related to Your use of our services.
  • To the extent that applicable law permits, Service Provider shall not be liable, and You agree that You will not hold it liable for any damages or losses (including but not limited to, the loss of money, goodwill or reputation, profits, and any other intangible losses and any exceptional, indirect or consequential damages) directly or indirectly resulting from:
  • A. activities of clients or users based on your activities according to these Terms and any limitations imposed for our services,
  • B. actions or omissions of any third parties,
  • C. suspensions or any other steps made in relation to your User Agreement,
  • D. illegal steps and operations of any third parties made using fake and/or illegal documents or data obtained illegally.
  • It is agreed that We may terminate these Terms at Our own discretion at any time; in such case these Terms shall terminate upon expiry of a one-month notice period.
  • You may terminate these Terms at Your own discretion at any time; in such case these Terms shall terminate upon expiry of a one-month notice period if You are a consumer or of a two-month period if You are not a consumer. If You terminate these Terms earlier than after 6 months entering into these Terms, We may charge You a fee corresponding to Our costs incurred in connection with Your termination.
  • No termination of these Terms shall affect any of Your rights or obligations that arose before the date of termination and shall survive such termination due to their features.
  • We or You may withdraw from these Terms in cases stipulated by the law, i.e. in particular if other party fundamentally breaches these Terms or of the other party fundamentally breaches its contractual duty by its default. Upon withdrawal, these Terms are terminated from the moment the notice of withdrawal has been delivered to the other party.
  • If you are in breach of these Terms (including the breach of your obligation to repay all outstanding debts), we may terminate these Terms in accordance with the above provisions and/or:
  • A. suspend your use of the Services (in full or in part),
  • B. report any relevant information about You and Your use of our services to the relevant regulatory or law enforcement authority and/or ministry; and/or
  • C. claim damages from You.
  • If any fee or charge for the provision of our services under these Terms is determined as a fixed amount for a given period, in case You are not a consumer We shall be entitled to such fee or charge in full for this period until the termination of these Terms.
  • User is made aware that Service Provider may record and store all e-mail, messages and telephone conversations between the User and Service Provider to verify the instructions and actions performed, protect its own legal rights, and improve the services and training of its employees.
  • These Terms are governed by International Law and all disputes of any nature arising out of or related to Our services under these Terms shall be settled by European courts and be subject to their exclusive jurisdiction.
  • If You are a Consumer, You can turn to the financial arbiter under the conditions set by a special legal regulation to resolve the dispute arising out of or related to Our services under these Terms. This shall be without prejudice to Your right to bring the dispute before a European court according to International law.
  • If We fail to exercise any right following from these Terms or the relevant regulations, this shall not mean Our waiver thereof.
  • If any provision of these Terms is held invalid or ineffective, the invalidity or ineffectiveness thereof shall not impair the validity of other provisions of these Terms and all remaining provisions, which such invalidity or ineffectiveness does not relate to, shall remain valid and effective to full extent.
  • Unless the context requires otherwise, all words in the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.
  • Unless the context requires otherwise, one gender shall include all other genders.
  • These Terms shall be binding on and injure to and for the benefit of the parties to this agreement and their possible successors, heirs, and permitted assignees and any reference to either party hereto shall include such personal representatives, successors, and permitted assignees of such party.
  • Any reference to a provision of law or regulation shall refer to their latest version, advanced version, or newly adopted version.
  • Any reference to a written form shall include e-mail and mail.
  • Any obligation of either party hereto to avoid doing something shall include its obligation to prevent doing something.
  • Any reference to these Terms or any other agreement or document referred by these Terms shall be a reference to these Terms or any other agreement or document as may be amended and restated from time to time (in any case, there is no breach of these Terms).
  • Any words used after the expressions “including”, “in particular” or any similar words shall be interpreted to be illustrative without limiting the meaning of words, descriptions, definitions, phrases, or terms preceding such terms.
  • Any attachments hereto shall be an integral part of these Terms where You and Service Provider express your consent with the use of specific services as they are defined in such attachments.
  • These Terms shall enter in full effect on the time when enter into the User Agreement and to our services at our website. and supersede any other previous General Terms and Conditions.

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